Relax. Move. Meditate. Heal.
This is your space for growth, serenity and community.

Everyone is welcome here – all ages, all levels, all stages of life. Come join us today!

Active Life Therapeutic Yoga and Movement Studio is an extension of Active Life Healing Center and is geared towards creating a space of peace, relaxation, bonding and growth for all who seek it.

Come and be yourself, find your inner child (or inner yogi), breathe deeply and move to the rhythm of your own heart. Here you are safe. You are whole. You are at peace.

Leave all your cares, fears and worries at the door. Once you step inside, it’s all about finding your center, balancing your inner self and awakening the power within, so you can experience life to the fullest.

Join our family today and connect with like-minded souls while you energize your body, relax your mind, and refresh your spirit.

Come find your passion.

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Qi Gong

Explore the ancient practice of Qi Gong (or Qi cultivation) using the breath, the intention of the mind, and simple movements of the body to increase and improve the flow of vital energy or…

Tantrik Yoga

jason lobo tantrik yoga
Exquisite alignment-based asana and life-affirming non-dual Tantrik philosophy. Power and precision to express freedom. classes emphasize clear alignment informed by non-dual tantrik…

Pure Soul Alchemy

This highly transformative work will unwind, unblock and reconfigure your energy grid to get you right on track. Dynamic processes and operations from our deepest core intelligence along with…


KK Ledford wildmoonwisdom

KK’s wildMOONwisdom is a lightning bolt of radical awareness and deep teachings. It integrates Astrology, alignment-based yoga (Anusara certified) as Embodied Spirituality, Svatantra Tantric…

Resonance Repatterning

Clients have left feeling more at peace and with a sense that the issue they brought to group had lost it’s charge. They experience increased clarity and feel ready to take on whatever comes their…

Yoga Nidra and iRest Meditation

iRest is a guided meditation that increases your ability to cope with what life hands you and enriches your sense of Well-Being. Typically done lying down or seated, Yoga Nidra (sleep of the yogi) is an ancient yoga…

Iyengar Hatha Yoga Class

The most popular style of Hatha Yoga that focuses on precise attention to alignment in every pose. An Iyengar yoga class may be slow, soft and meditative if it is billed as “restorative”, or it may be extremely…

KUNLUN Meditation Class

The KUNLUN System, utilizes a unique magnetic field that prepares and protects the body from an overt or long standing increase in chi or bio-etheric energy. The chi practice taught in this system is…


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Active Life Therapeutic Yoga and Movement Studio is an extension of Active Life Healing Center - chiropractic care, massage and rehab all in one place.

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