Pure Soul Alchemy

Pure Soul Alchemy
with Gabriella Espinosa

Are you at a crossroads in your life and ready for a change?

Are you experiencing difficult emotions, uncertainty, stagnation or paralysis?

Are you in the midst of challenging situations that seem unsolvable?

This highly transformative work will unwind, unblock and reconfigure your energy grid to get you right on track.

Dynamic processes and operations from our deepest core intelligence along with the vibrational support of Aura Soma make Pure Soul Alchemy a highly potent and effective means to getting you moving in the right direction.

Whether you receive your session in person, over the phone or via skype, you can expect a profound shift in your life as a result.

This is an invitation…
to become more of your authentic self,
to magnetize optimum life situations and relationships,
to live your soul’s power & wisdom,
to trust your higher intelligence to lead you on your correct path,
to raise your vibration and fully materialize your creations

Be advised that this work can change your life…

You will be challenged to move through your preconceptions, programming & limitations, to question & change your belief system, and to expand into new possibilities.

Here are some of the life enhancing results you can expect:

  • A Paradigm Shift: The issues you bring into our session will reconfigure – revealing new options & possibilities.
  • You’ll experience a transformation of issues pertaining to Job, Relationship, Finances, Family, Home
  • Upgrades in your capacity to harness your own Vital Creative Energy
  • Feeling rested and energized
  • Clarity, focus and Guided ACTION in the operations of daily life
  • Feeling profound happiness and satisfaction
  • Connecting with old buried emotions from the past that can now be dealt with and cleared
  • Remembering things long forgotten
  • Dreams that inform you of that which you are ready to let go
  • New found Freedom of choice to feel/think/act differently in situations where you couldn’t before
  • Clearing writer’s block
  • Clearing and releasing unresolved and detrimental relationships – Opening the space for new and better relationships

A Pure Soul AlchemyTM session can optimize your Spiritual life in these ways:

  • Engaging with your higher self in your everyday life
  • Living in connection with your own divine guidance and acting accordingly
  • Grounding your conscious being in Spirit
  • Living from your heart and Actualizing your soul
  • Loving yourself and others more deeply and easily
  • Having a compassionate perspective as your center
  • Consistently extending care towards self and others as an expression of who you are

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