Resonance Repatterning™

Resonance Repatterning
with Lauren Johnston O’Connell

Resonance Repatterning™

Resonance Repatterning™ (RR) is a system designed to help us discover the unconscious feelings, beliefs and patterns that makes it hard or even impossible to make a positive choice to improve our life, and follow through with that choice. It helps us to see that our ‘stuckness’ is caused from our current perspective, or what we resonate with. Which is to say, what we resonate with is what we believe is true to us regardless of what is happening outside of us or if no one else agrees.

For example, I may think that “I want a healthy, loving relationship”, but in my current life I may have a hard time creating this with the person I am with or finding someone who wants the same thing. It may be that what you believe deep down inside, in your unconscious, is that you are not feeling healthy and loving yourself. Which does not line up with your thoughts of having a healthy, loving relationship.

RR is based on quantum physics which deals with energy and frequency in all things. In the movie and book ( What the Bleep Do We Know ) Amid Goswami Ph.D. Is quoted saying “succinctly speaking quantum physics is the physics of possibilities”. RR gives us just that – possibilities for improving your life.

Life Coaching
In coaching you I use conscious language monitoring and help you to upgrade your current perspective with new options you had not thought of before. It’s like getting a second opinion and reinforcing you to think differently, out side of the box or from your old paradigm.

Reiki is an unlimited energy that is channeled through one person to another with the hands. It can relieve pain and comforts the whole system.

Energy Clearing
Energy Clearing restores balance back into the physical, emotional and mental bodies so one can move beyond old patterns and growth limitations.

What Happens During an Individual Session
We will talk briefly about your issue or the situation you are in that is causing you stress or pain. We don’t need a long drawn out story. I will use muscle checking and my intuition to determine the need for more information or if we have enough to go on. I will have you lay on a massage table so you can be comfortable and relaxed.

I may talk you through a short meditation to ease your mind and have you connect to God, your Higher Self, your Knowing Self which is the part of yourself that knows what you need to transform yourself. I am here to facilitate you…your Knowing Self is doing the work. I could begin by muscle checking for a repatterning from the Resonance Repatterning books to help us identify the statements your system needs to say out loud and check for resonance. After all the statements our gathered and checked, I will again muscle check you for the modality or method that your system requires in order to change the frequency that your unconscious feelings, beliefs and patterns have been operating from.

A modality is an action, or activity which has a coherent frequency that through the act of alignment with the coherent vibration a natural transformation of that energy occurs. An example of a modality could be Reiki, Energy Clearing, a guided visualization or color or sound therapy.

We will then re-check your statements so you can feel how different the statements are to you after doing the modality or method. It is very subtle yet very powerful. My clients always report that they feel much better than they did when they came in. The coherence will last longer if you do coherent things, such as to practice watching your thoughts and upgrading them from negative to positive. It takes practice to keep a watchful eye on your mind.

The number of session it takes to transform yourself and make improvements in your life varies for each person. Everyone is different, most report improvement with the first session. I approach it as if our mind is a garden. We clear out the weeds in our mind and if we don’t maintain it by feeding it positive thoughts, or plant food, water and the occasional weeding, we will then notice that our mind or garden is full of undesirable junk again. This may mean getting a session as a tune up or doing a series of sessions to pull up those stubborn weeds, roots and all. I encourage you to decide for yourself what you need. Down deep inside we know what we need, you will learn to trust in your Higher Knowing.

To me this is the easiest and quickest way to take a quantum leap towards improving your life.

Repatternings done with a group of people captures the power of the “collective us.” Like the English Proverb “When two agree in their desire, one spark will set them both afire” The group’s common purpose forms a synergy that organically inspires (or sets fire) and aids in transforming our individual obstacles or challenges. With the support of the group’s energy we can bring about change efficiently and effectively.

What Happens in a Group Repatterning
Zoe my co-worker therapy dog, accompanies me in my group work. She is very soothing and relaxing to have in the room. For those who usually have allergies to animals, Zoe is hypoallergenic because she doesn’t shed .

You will be seated comfortable on the floor to start. Most people bring a mat to lie on and/or a blanket and pillow for the integration portion of the session. We start with a relaxation or visualization meditation. Then I will have each person either write out or mentally identify their issue they want to work on that night.

We’ll identify and verbalize specific statements that best serve the whole of the group. Then identify and apply the modality that will spiral the group to a higher level of well-being. The modalities we generally use in group are from sound, color, light and/or aroma therapy.

This is followed by an integration period where you may feel very relax or even fall asleep. Integration is a natural process that allows us to download the higher vibrational frequencies from the modality. Once the integration is muscle checked as complete, I will have you read your issue to yourself or think of it in your mind. Lastly, we repeat the group statements out loud and muscle check for the shift in resonance.

My clients have left feeling more at peace and with a sense that the issue they brought to group had lost it’s charge. They experience increased clarity and feel ready to take on whatever comes their way. The benefits are countless.

About Zoe
My companion and therapy dog is Zoe, a 7 lb. Yorkshire Terrier. She’s a constant reminder what true unconditional love is. If you choose for her to be a part of your session, her loving energy and sweet hugs are a wonderful addition to the work I do.

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